DtclTkScreenInfo - Returns information about screens in a multi-desktop configuration.


Returns information about screens in a multi-desktop configuration.


The X11 XInerama extension allows multiple screened to be considered as one. This generally works well, but sometimes we need to place windows sensibly in just one of these displays. Currently (2007, version
4.14) Tcl/Tk provides no way of doing this through it may be added to the "winfo" command at some point. This command provides an interface to XInerama. If XInerama is not supported, then we consider that we just have one display.

If the window argument is not supplied, then returns 0/1 indicating if the XInerama is supported on this OS.

The window argument is used to find the X11 display you are interested in. If supplied with no screen number, then returns the number of screens as known by Xinerama. If supplied with a screen number, returns a list being the x origin, y origin, x size and y size of the specified screen.


DtclTkScreenInfo [window [num]]


>windowstringThe name of a window on the display in question.
>numintegerA Xinerima screen number.




See Also

DTCL manual. Tcl/Tk winfo command, Tcl/Tk wm command. X11 XInerama extension documentation.


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