DtclTkDialogPosition - Set the initial position of a dialog.


Set the initial position of a dialog.


Given a created dialog, this command will set the position of the dialog such that it is centred on the screen or positioned under the mouse.

The default positioning is centered - except that if it appears you are running on a dual display system, it is centered on the display where the mouse currently is. (Some quesswork is involved here). If the positionioning mode is set to "under mouse" then that is where the dialog is positioned.

If more then $DtclTkDialogMaxWins (30) dialogs have appeared with no more then 2 second separations, then the dialog will NOT be displayed - a warning dialog is generated and the window name written to stderr.

Use the DtclTkDialogPositionSetUnderMouse or DtclTkDialogPositionSetCenter commands to change the positionioning mode.




DtclTkDialogPosition window


(">" input, "!" modified, "W" workspace, "<" output)

>windowtk_windowThe name of the dialog top-level window.


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