DitsSetDebug - Set the Dits debug flag.


Set the Dits debug flag.


Used to enable output of Debugging information by Dits.

Returns the original value as an integer.


DitsSetDebug levelmode [mode...]


>levelintegerzero to turn debugging off, otherwise turn it on. The on values represent a bit mask to which th debugging level is set. You or the various bits to set a desrired value. See mode for the bit values

>modecharAlternative strings to control logging. The specified modes (more then one allows) will be enabled and all other modes turned off.

BASIC Basic stuff (1)
IMPSYS Output full details of IMP Sys message handling (2)
IMPINIT Log details of calls which initiate IMP Ops (4)
MON Log monitor handling details (8)
ACT Log action handling details (16)
DETAILS Log details of such things as message lengths (32)
BULK Log bulk data operatiosn (64)
LIBS Turn on logging in libraries (128)
IMPEVENTS Turn on IMP event logging (256)
RXLPEXIT Receive loop exit (4096)
SDSCHK Check for SDS leaks (32768)
OFF Turn off only. Must be first and only.



See Also

DTCL manual, DitsSetDebug(3)


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