DitsConnectHandler - Specify a handler for task Connect messages.


Specify a handler for task Connect messages.


This routine specifies the name of a Tcl procedure which will be invoked whenever a task connects to this task.

Note that any handler already put using DitsPutConnectHandler will we invoked after the Dtcl handler has been run.


DitsConnectHandler [command]


>commandstringA Tcl command to be invoked when a task Connects The command will be appended with an argument which is a string containing the the name of the task which has connected. If not supplied, any current handler is removed. At this point this command cannot cause the connection to be rejected or the path details to be modified. If you need to do that, you need to use the C level DitsPutConnectHandler function.



See Also

DTCL manual, DitsPutConnectHandler(3).


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