SdsExportDefined - Export an object into an external buffer


Export an object into an external buffer


Export an object into an external buffer.

Once exported an object can be moved around in memory, written to a file etc., and subsequently returned to the SDS system either by using SdsImport to import it back into the system, or SdsAccess, to access it as an external object.

The original internal version of the object continues to exist, in addition to the external copy. All identifiers to the object continue to refer to the original internal copy.

SdsExportDefined allocates space in the external item for undefined data items, so that these can have their values filled in later by an SdsPut (or SdsPointer) to the external item.

The length of the buffer required for SdsExportDefined can be determined by a call to SdsSizeDefined.




void SdsExportDefined(SdsIdType id, unsigned long length, void *data, StatusType * SDSCONST status)


(">" input, "!" modified, "W" workspace, "<" output)

>idSdsIdTypeIdentifier of the structure to be exported.
>lengthunsigned longSize in bytes of the buffer.
<datavoid*The buffer into which the object will be exported.
!statusStatusType*Modified status. Possible failure codes are:

SDS__BADID The identifier is invalid.
SDS__TOOLONG The object is too large for the buffer
SDS__EXTERN The object is external.


Jeremy Bailey, {AAO}

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