DulIntSignal - Signal the action which created the DulIntType variable.


Signal the action which created the DulIntType variable.


Signal the action which created the DulIntType variable. The action will rescheduled with with a reason of DITS_REA_ASTINT.

The integer argument becomes the action argument and can be fetched using DulIntGetArgument().

A wrap of this routine is provided by DulIntISR(). This wrap up could be used as a complete ISR whilst DulIntSignal(3) allows you to send an argument and check status.

This routine uses DitsEnableTask() to enable correct DRAMA task context, then uses DitsSignal() to signal that task and DitsRestoreTask() to restore the task context.

This routine is designed so that it can be invoked from VxWorks interrupt service routnes, but it can be used any time it is required to signal an action.

Normally, any errors are reported using ErsRep(), and status is set bad. But when run in a VxWorks interrupt service routine, the VxWorks routine will be used to report a message to the console. This is also done if this routine is used in a different VxWorks task from the task which is being signalled.




(Void) = DulIntSignal (v,arg,status)


(">" input, "!" modified, "W" workspace, "<" output)

>vDulIntTypeThe variable describing the action to signal.
>arglong intArgument to be passed to the action.
!statusStatusType *Modified status.

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See Also

Dul library document, Dits specification, DulIntInit(3), DulIntGetData(3), DulIntTidy(3), DulIntISR(3), DulIntGetArgument(3), DitsSignalByIndexPtr(3), DitsEnableTask(3), DitsRestoreTask(3).


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