DitsLogMsg - Write a message to the log file.


Write a message to the log file.


If DRAMA has an enabled logging system (see DitsSetLogSys()) then this routine calls the logLogMsg routine enabled by that logging system. The intention is to allow libraries and user code to log, without having to know what logging system is enable, if any.




(void) = DitsLogMsg (level, prefix, status, message,...)


(">" input, "!" modified, "W" workspace, "<" output)

>levelunsignedA logging level indicator. One of the values below should be set to indicate what is being logged such that the logging system can select what is actually formated and written as desired.

DITS_LOG_STARTUP Message is a startup mesage.
DITS_LOG_INST Message concerns running instrumentation
DITS_LOG_USER1 User defined.
DITS_LOG_USER2 User defined.
DITS_LOG_ALL Always log this message to the file.

>prefixchar *A prefix string for the message, indicating say the library concerned.
!statusStatusType *Modified status. (>) message The message as a C-Printf style format string. Subsequent arguments are arguments to the printf format.

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Prior requirements

Can only be called from a Dits Application routine

See Also

The Dits Specification Document. DitsSetLogSys(3).


Tony Farrell, AAO

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