DitsGetSelfPath - Return the path to this task.


Return the path to this task.


Each task always maintains a path to itself, which can be used to send messages to the task itself - which is often usefull.

This function returns this path. The buffer size for thisi path is set during the call to DitsAppInit(3) can can be modified by the arguments to that call.

Previously (prior to DITS Version 3.25) this was often obtained by using DitsGetTaskName(3) to fetch the name of the task and then using DitsGetPath(3) to fetch the patch. This function is much simplier and more efficent.




(DitsPathType) = DitsGetSelfPath()

Function Value

The path to the task itself.

Include files


External functions used


External values used

DitsTask - Details of the current task

Prior requirements

DitsAppInit must have been called.

See Also

The Dits Specification Document, DitsGetPath(3), DitsPathGet(3), DitsAppInit(3).


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