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drama::Request Class Reference

Detailed Description

Class used by Obey and Kick handlers to indicate rescheduling requirements.


#include "request.hh"

Public Member Functions

 Request (StatusType status, RequestCode code=RequestCode::End)
 Specify a request using a RequestCode and completion status. More...
 Request (RequestCode code, double delay=0)
 Specify a request using a RequestCode and delay. More...
RequestCode GetCode () const
 Get the request code. More...
double GetDelay () const
 Get the delay. More...
StatusType GetStatus () const
 Get the status. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

drama::Request::Request ( StatusType  status,
RequestCode  code = RequestCode::End 

Specify a request using a RequestCode and completion status.

Not normally used with code=Wait, since that requires a delay.

If the status is NOT ok, then the action will complete and the only requests of note are End (end action) or Exit (Exit task), or KickFailed. Others will be treated as End. KickFailed is only valid for Kick events, in which case it indicates the Kick has failed but the Action continues.

statusThe status to be associated with the action.
codeThe request code. Defaults to End.
drama::Request::Request ( RequestCode  code,
double  delay = 0 

Specify a request using a RequestCode and delay.

codeThe request code.
delayThe delay before the action reschedules, if the request code indicates the action will reschedule. Defaults to zero meaning no timed delay (which is an error if the code is Wait.)

Member Function Documentation

RequestCode drama::Request::GetCode ( ) const

Get the request code.

double drama::Request::GetDelay ( ) const

Get the delay.

StatusType drama::Request::GetStatus ( ) const

Get the status.

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