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AAO DRAMA C++ Interfaces Documentation

This page is the front page for the documentation for the C++ interfaces to DRAMA.The core of DRAMA is written in C and was done so before C++ was available in a standard way on all the machines of interest. As a result, the C++ interfaces came later. The document DRAMA C++ interface provides a basic introduction to the C++ interfaces, but is a little out of date (missing descriptions of some of the newer interfaces).

This documentation is generated automatically from the source code headers using the doxygen tool. As such, it is more up to date then the older Latex documetation, but tends to lack introductory overview text, most of which is here.

The first set of provided classes implement interfaces to common features, which naturally work better when implemented in C++ These are

The next set of classes were intended to provide an interface to sending DRAMA messages and handling the replies. Note that I am not happy with the result. The approach is wrong. Instead of using call back functions an client data, we should be using an object which the user can override to provide the functionality. This may be added later and and examples of this approach can be seen with the GitTask:: function and the approach used by DJAVA.

The following classes are provided:

The following classes are usefull in developing DRAMA systems using the Generic Instrumentation Task Specification. These systems are in heavy use internally at the AAO.

Other classes documented are generally used to support one of the above classes.

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