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DcppTask::DisconHandler Class Referenceabstract

Disconnect handler abstract type. More...

#include <dcpptask.h>

Public Member Functions

 DisconHandler ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual void Disconnected (DcppTask *)=0
 Disconnect notification routine. More...
virtual ~DisconHandler ()
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

Disconnect handler abstract type.

This class used for disconnect handlers and and object of this type must be specified to DcppTask::PutDisconnectHandler . Inheritors must implement "void Disconnect(DcppTask *)", which will be invoked when the task disconnects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DcppTask::DisconHandler::DisconHandler ( )


virtual DcppTask::DisconHandler::~DisconHandler ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void DcppTask::DisconHandler::Disconnected ( DcppTask )
pure virtual

Disconnect notification routine.

This abstract method must be implemented by inheritors. It will be invoked when the task disconnects (presuming the object has been specified to DcppTask::PutDisconnectHandler .

Note that the method will be invoked at UFACE context and you should NOT try to get the path again immediately. If you wish to do that, you should use DitsUfaceTimer() to set up a timed event or DitsSignal() or sending a message along the self path to the task itself and have the receiving function/action get the path again about 1 second later.

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