DRAMA Bugs and Wish list

This document documents known outstanding bugs and items on the wish list. This list was started at DRAMA V1.1

  • Sds Resize bug when downsizing
  • Unable to communicate with tasks
  • Vxworks ImpPulse crashes.
  • IMP does not always find files in exe directories
  • Bulk data support
  • Starting IMP Master
  • Better control of ERS required

  • SdsResize bug when downsizing.

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status: All systems, Resolve from V1.2b1 of DRAMA

    SdsResize does not release allocated memory when downsizing structures. As a result, the following sequence requires 2Mb of memory

    Unable to communicate with tasks

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status: Unix only, Resolved from DRAMA V1.2b1, workarounds available for older systems.

    Placing of FIFO and IMP_SCRATCH files in /tmp makes them subject to deletion by cron jobs. The programs will continue to run after the FIFO and IMP_SCRATCH files have been deleted, but new connections to the tasks concerned will fail.

    Possible work arounds

    VxWorks ImpPulse crashes

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status: VxWorks Only, Solved from Version 1.1.1 of DRAMA, workaround available for V1.1

    When you specify a pulse line in a VxWorks IMP Start up file, you must specify the machines by name, not number.

    Workaround: In your VxWorks start up scripts, use hostAdd() to add the names of all relevant machines to your VxWorks machine.

    IMP does not always find files in executable directories

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status: Resolved from version 1.2b1 of DRAMA, workaround available for older versions.

    IMP does not always find start up files and the imppulse executables when these are placed in the same directories as the IMP transmitter/receiver executables.

    Workaround: Put the start up files and imppulse executable in the default directory.

    Bulk Data support required

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status: Resolved./P>

    DRAMA should support the IMP Bulk data protocol. This will make DRAMA more effecient in the use of Memory.

    Starting IMP Master

    Notesd 01-Sep-1997, Status: Resolved

    An appropiate way to start up the IMP Master task on a remote machine is needed.

    I have a program which is used internally at the AAO - DramaUnixStart, which can start up DRAMA. It runs from inetd. It is not being distriburted with DRAMA as yet - but can be supplied if required.

    Better control of ERS required

    Noted 01-Sep-1997, Status, DulErs routines can be used to control Ers in subsiday tasks from V1.2b1 of DRAMA.

    Better control of ERS is required when messages may be output in the background of other operations

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